So You Think You’re Not Busy? : Creating Clarity From Stillness

pexels-photo-399636So I get it. We’re not always super busy right ?

I moved from the vibrant craziness of London to the green spaciousness of Devon close to 10 years ago to stop being exactly that.

But I noticed something that quietly but consistently unsettled me.

I breathed in cleaner air, spent more time on the beach, went for wild walks on the moors, and had way more fun with friends than I had done for a while in London. But still my mind was whizzing, I felt stuck, and couldn’t make decisions to get that sense of movement. As a result I struggled to create what else I wanted in my work, relationships, and life generally.

People would ask me ‘What do you want?’ What are your dreams?’ and I honestly couldn’t tell you. I could reel off a few values such as freedom and adventure which I’d somewhat honoured by moving out of the Big Smoke. But mostly that question would freak me out. I thought I should know exactly what I wanted. I should know what was important to me. A coach should most certainly know right ?!

I found I could create exquisite stillness and space for my clients’ clarity to emerge. And the irony was it was often challenging to create that stillness for myself. My mind (and in truth my green spacious Devon life!) was still way too busy to be able to land on the important questions for long enough to really hear the answers I needed.

What I know from coaching hundreds of people over the last 12 years is that if you create the right space then clarity, energy, focus, ideas, solutions can sometimes emerge from even the deepest of waters and at lightning speed.

And often what we need is sitting just under the surface, waiting for us to stop splashing about.

So I get that it’s not always easy to stop the internal splashing. I’ve taken myself away to quiet countryside getaways and Mediterranean Islands to try and press that pause button for myself. Mostly I got frustrated with my inability to quieten my mind and hear what my heart and mind was trying to say. I needed someone else to help still those internal waters for that clarity about what I wanted to emerge.

These days I have much more regular coaching to support me in creating the space to connect with the important things. But I know that’s not for everyone.

This is one of the reasons I now run the Instant Pause — one day designed for people like you and me — busy people and busy minds that sometimes struggle to still our waters. A city retreat that gives you the space to let some clarity and intention rise to the surface. There’ll be no splashing on this day. Just time and space to connect with what’s important to you. We’ll have fun and get creative with visioning what you want for you and your life. And you’ll leave energised and inspired, with a clear picture and intention for how you want your life to be over the coming year.

So come and take a pause with me. The next one is Saturday 25th February in Exeter.

If you’d like more about the day you can contact me on

See you there my friends. X






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